Clayton’s 19th annual Art Faire competition September 7th 2017…

** 2017 Art Faire Registration Is CLOSED! Thank You ALL Participants **

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Just a recap… thirteen awards totaling $2,100 were presented in two categories — fine arts (all 2-D media) and photography.

  • Artwork on display Sept. 7 – Oct. 1st, 2017, Clayton Center lobby
  • A free reception was provided to announce winners and honor entrants held on Thursday, Sept. 7, from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

See Art Faire Event Recap and Awards Announcement here.

2017 Art Faire Entry List

Reneaue RailtonA Coy LookOil30x20 $225
Reneaue RailtonMorning SunflowerPhotography10x13$75
Reneaue RailtonAll American BettaOil20x20$125
Kyle WilsonFord ToughPhotography16x24$450
Kyle WilsonShe Is SilkPhotography22x18 $325
Sherri RedfieldOwl in PinePyrography11x9$150
Heidi Lee PeachThe DancerWatercolor23x17.5$500
Amy T BeshgetoorianTour EiffelWatercolor14x11$200
Ryan FoxSt. Mark's SquareWatercolor15x22$1500
Eric SchrefflerSeemstress BluesAir Brush13x10 $2600
Katie ProbstRaindrops on MarigoldPhotography24x32$75
Douglas RowePewter Bowl, Peppers and Blue BottleOil11x15.5 $575
Douglas RoweLee County SunsetOil10x20$725
Douglas RoweNALF Fentress ArrivalOil14x29$1275
Jim WhitfieldForest SunriseOil19x23.5$600
Sherry TruittPoppy IllusionAcrylic Pouring14x11$275
Karen RushatzTo Be HeardMixed Media18x18$350
Elizabeth MoranFusionAcrylic20x20$300
Elizabeth MoranSilver LineAcrylic20x20$300
Gaylord PicardTwo KoiWatercolor11x17$495
Gaylord PicardInto the ForestWatercolor11.5x16.5$395
Krissy CrittendenHome AloneWatercolor11.5x15$275
Don W. StephensonSerious Fiddlin'Watercolor12.5x18$250
Ray La Mantia School's OutOil15x19.5$1200
Ray La Mantia Early RisersOil15.5x31$1200
Ray La Mantia Siler CrossingOil25x19.5$1500
Janie PreteParty OnWatercolor14.5x22 $450
Barbara BlaisdellFogPhotography20x15.5$250
Barbara BlaisdellRed BarnPhotography20x12$200
Barbara BlaisdellOn the RocksPhotography13.5x20$250
Vicki L ReesMonumentOil30x10$450
Jill HuntSea KissesOil24x24$450
Jill HuntYou're ItOil24x24$450
Jill HuntSunshineWatercolor14x11$250
Rand WallGlad I can flyPhotography12x18$235
Rand WallSolitudePhotography12x18$235
Ian GriffinMatchstick CompositionMixed Media15x19$450
Ian GriffinPrimary SquaresMixed Media31.5x40$350
Amy FriendI plan to be forgotten when I'm gone....Mixed Media36x36$950
Marcia StreithorstRoom to moveEncaustic19.5x15.5$320
Susan SoperDuskWaterless Lithography13.5x9.5$500
Princess HesterPaletaPhotography19.5x29$300
Princess HesterHarmonyPhotography24x36$275
Jeanne Beury Kendall"We Should Find A New Roost" Acrylic20x20$650
Loretta Langdon White Ducks on the Pond Mosaic32x27$1200
Maria RoweAppealing Oil7.5x9.5$1200
Kimberly Ruth Edwards Mother Tree Photography5x7$149
Jo Lee TuckerBoy with Sailboat Acrylic19x15.5$400
Wayne Dockery Cathedral Awe Photography24x36$325
Susan PetersOwl Be Seeing YouAcrylic29.5x40$1800
Susan PetersFragmented Acrylic24x48$850
Kathleen Nobles Billows of Elegance Watercolor21x17$300
Nancy ReynoldsOak View Cotton Photography7.5x11.5$150
Ronald LunnBull ElephantOil19x15.5$250
Tim MerrillFollow the LeaderCharcoal36x22$860
Loretta LangdonBack HomeAcrylic17.5x36$600
Jillian GoldbergBridge of SighsAcrylic$350
Jillian GoldbergConfluenceAcrylic$285

Joseph DiGiulio

Joseph DiGiulio is a professional abstract painter and cancer survivor from Raleigh, NC. He works for Jerry’s Artarama.

He offers free online art lessons and produced severalDVD’s that highlight his teaching skills in abstract painting and product usage. He has traveled abroad to help develop acrylic paint lines from Australia to the South of France.

He attended East Carolina University’s School of Art in the mid 1970s. Afterwards DiGiulio worked in the textile screen printing industry until the early 1990’s. He is presently on the Merchandising Advisory Board for East Carolina University.His work can be seen at the Raleigh Duke Hospital and PNC Plaza building in downtown Raleigh, NC, as well as RDU International airport.

His latest works are large abstract paintings that reflect his use of color, line, shape and texture. His art takes on the expression of color and dynamics that capture the success of his cancer recovery and the essence of his travels.

Visit Joseph DiGiulio website here!

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