The 2016 Christmas in Clayton Art & Home Tour is was held in Portofino Subdivision

** 2016 Christmas In Clayton Has Passes!  Thank You ALL Participants **

For more information and to purchase tickets for the 2017 Christmas In Clayton, bookmark this page and check back fall 2017.

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A Special Thanks To The Following Participants…

2016 Christmas In Clayton Artists

  • Deborah Coates, Photography, Clayton
  • Krissy Crittenden, Painting, Clayton
  • Catherine Donleycott, Painting, Clayton
  • BronwenFullington, Weaving, Clayton
  • Jim Hopkins, Woodworking, Clayton
  • Cathy Spivey Mendola, Jewelry, Clayton
  • Michael Morrison, Painting, Clayton
  • Kathy Nobles, Painting, Clayton
  • Medrith Nuttle, Painting, Zebulon
  • Heidi Peach, Painting, Clayton
  • Janie Prete, Painting, Clayton
  • Bill Rice, Silversmith
  • Sharlene Thomas, Decorated Eggs
  • Jo Lee Tucker, Painting, Four Oaks
  • Kyle Wilson, Photography, Clayton

2016 Portofino Houses

Begin at: The Piazza at Portofino (clubhouse), 25 Paraggi Court

  • Upperman residence, 182 Paraggi Court
  • Harris residence, 210 Paraggi Court
  • Mendola residence, 232 Paraggi Court
  • Atchison residence, 87 Rapallo Court
  • Thompson residence, 203 Portofino Drive
  • Bosick residence, 215 Sicily Drive
  • Snead residence, 265 Ventasso Drive

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