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Cathy Spivey Mendola is originally from Virginia but has lived in 6 other states and now proudly calls Clayton, NC her home. She has had a love affair with creativity since she picked up her first crayon.

Life took a detour from creativity when she went to nursing school and pursued a career in nursing until she became a stay-at-home mom. While raising her daughter she was able to carve out some time to experiment with many different art mediums, but she says she always comes back to her first loves-fiber and jewelry. She has been sewing by hand since she was 8 yrs old and by machine since middle school. She didn’t get serious about making jewelry until the last few years but it has quickly become her obsession.

Cathy’s fiber art projects and jewelry have been exhibited in numerous locations in the Midwest. She had an art quilt that toured internationally with the Studio Art Quilt exhibit, ‘This is a Quilt’. She had one of her art quilts published in “1000 Quilt Inspirations” by Sandra Sider in 2015. Her work with the fiber art group Women’s Journeys in Fiber has been published in numerous books- “Footwear:Women’s Stories”, 2012; “Paradigm Shifts:Impressions of Change”, 2013; “Masks: Disguise-Expose-Celebrate”, 2014 and “Umbrellas: Open to Ideas”, 2015.

Most recently she had an article published in the magazine ‘Belle Armoire Jewelry’ about the creation of her sea shell and fossil collection of necklaces.

Artist Statement

Inspiration can be found everywhere in nature.

For me, I derive the most pleasure from items that nature seems to have cast aside. Abandoned sea shells on the beach, driftwood that has washed up on the shore, beach glass that has been pounded smooth by the ocean and fossils that have endured millions of years buried in the earth.
My designs tend to be very intuitive and spontaneous. Very seldom do I start with a preconceived design. I just choose a few focal components and let my muse guide me as I create. I am always surprised with the final results.

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Cathy Spivey Mendola

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