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A reception at The Clayton Center, 111 E. Second St., on Feb. 4 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. will honor both Flock and photographer Michael Morrison. Everyone is invited, children especially, and light refreshments — cookies, fruit, cheese, nuts, punch — will be served. The reception is free, and dress is casual.

Artist Bio

ribbonFebruary 2016 CVA Featured Artist Award

My name is Elisabeth Flock, and I believe humans were created to create.

The joy and satisfaction I feel after transferring something from my imagination onto a physical plane is truly enough for me to keep making art.

Even when I feel under-motivated and I want to give up on a drawing or painting, I just tell myself that I will figure it out, and if I keep shading and adding I will solve it, like a puzzle only I can see.

I imagine a lot of abstract characters and vague worlds that I want to share, and a pen or paintbrush has so far been the easiest way for me to do so.

Artist Statement

I’ve been working on my skills in traditional art for most of my life. Digital art hurts my body and eyes, and music doesn’t come quite so naturally, although it is in my soul. I yearn to learn new mediums and skills, such as tattoo art, plaster and clay sculpture, graffiti art, bass guitar – the list could go on.

I consistently use both oil and acrylic paints, but I am always experimenting with painting styles, always trying to improve. Usually with acrylic paint, my lines are more stylistic and bold, whereas with oil paint, I try to blend and blend until it’s almost realistic.

Most of my favorite pieces are haphazard accidents that turned into something spectacular (or spectacularly weird).

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Elisabeth Flock

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