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ribbonApril 2017 CVA Featured Artist Award

I was born in Naples, Italy to an Italian Mother and an American father.

At age 4, I moved and lived in Bay City, MI until age 21, since then I have lived in Virginia Beach, VA, Savannah, GA, Pikeville, NC, having finally moved to Clayton, NC March of 2016.

I have been painting since I was little, it was for many years just a hobby. When my children were little it was a way to relax when they had gone to bed for the night, but now that they are both in college I have finally been able to really pursue it as a career. My primary medium is Abstract Acrylic on Canvas but as I love art in its many forms I also enjoy making and designing jewelry and making beautiful homemade candles.

I own my own Etsy shop, The Chamber Door, LLC. All of my art, jewelry, and candles can be purchased by going there, or you can e-mail me.

Artist Statement

My art communicates my deepest thoughts and hidden emotions, it’s my voice.

When I’m painting I don’t usually paint the same way each time, sometimes I just start with a few colors that I randomly choose and by the middle of it I can see what the painting is going to be. Other times I get an idea for a subject and go with it. We don’t always express our thoughts and emotions in the same way, it’s the same with art. It’s always different and there’s a sense of freedom in working this way.

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