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ribbon  July 2016 CVA Featured Artist Award

Hubert Schmidt was born and raised in a rural community of Oklahoma.

He had his first formal art instruction at age ten and has “piddled” in the arts ever since. As an adult, he was an educator – both in the classroom as well as administration. He and his wife, Judy, met and married in 1967 and have one daughter who is married and has two sons. They are all the light of his life.

Judy and Hubert moved to Clayton in the fall of 2011 because their daughter and her family had moved here in 2007.

Gardening, travel and community activities have provided enjoyment in both Clayton and the larger cities in the area.

Artist Statement

All of the arts enrich our lives and become so much more meaningful when one tries personal creativity in studying and experimenting with them.

Thank heavens for visual stimuli and awareness and then the creative abilities to interpret it as one sees it. To me, nature is one of the best sources for inspiration and a challenge to duplicate it into a personal, pleasing and meaningful way.

nature is one of the best sources for inspiration.

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Hubert Schmidt

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