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ribbon  December 2016 CVA Featured Artist Award

Jana Williams paints whimsical animals.

Jana Williams is a stay at home wife and mother of three who didn’t realize her love for creating art until after leaving The College of Charleston in SC. Mainly self taught, with a few private lessons, she began creating art while doodling with her children when they were young.

Williams is very thankful to be in the private collection of Rex Cancer Center, Johnston Health Hospital, the many customers who have purchased her works at The Eclectic Garden, Right Angles and those who have commissioned her to paint for them.

Artist Statement

Impressionism and Abstracts are how I see my works. I love using bold, vibrant acrylic paints and adding lots of texture whenever possible. My goal is to create whimsical, happy and affordable art for whomever wants it.

Impressionism and Abstracts are how I see my works.

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