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ribbonOctober 2015 CVA Featured Artist Award

Artist Jill Hunt was born and raised in Buffalo, N.Y. Though her affection for her hometown remains strong, she has spent the last half of her life residing in the beautiful Triangle of North Carolina.

The influence of her Northern upbringing, meshed with her years in South, has resulted in an eclectic mix of styles, imagery, and perspectives reflected in her art.

Hunt’s love of art began at an early age. By high school, she began planning for a career in it. She attended Nazareth College in Rochester. N.Y., as a Visual Arts major with a concentration in Illustration, and the State University College at Buffalo for Art Education.

After graduation, she made the move to Raleigh to pursue her goals.

With a Bachelor of Science in Art Education and certification in teaching art to grades K-12, Hunt worked as an art educator in North Carolina for 18 years, in both Wake and Johnston County Public Schools. She also worked with the Durham Arts Council, Artspace, the N.C. Museum of Art, and various community workshops and camps.

In 2014, she made the decision to leave the classroom to focus full-time on her own artistic endeavors. She now owns and operates ThistleBird Art Studio in downtown Clayton. It serves as Hunt’s working studio, a gallery of her art for purchase, and a venue for the workshops and lessons she offers.

Hunt has begun exhibiting throughout the Triangle and beyond. She is also a board member and officer of Clayton Visual Arts, serving as secretary.

Artist Statement

Hunt creates in a wide range of media, but has a preference for oil, watercolor, and silk painting.

My paintings are images and moments that have touched my heart. Filled with luminous color, each piece has personal meaning to me beyond the concrete. Through them, I create connections with you and with many – an emotion, a sound, a scent or a touch – glimpses into my heart and reflections of intangibles we all share.

The style, subject matter and media she uses in her work are widely diverse. She attributes this to the breadth of her art experience, as well as to her love for experimentation.

She paints of childhood memories, and of her own daughter, whom she names her Muse. She paints of scenes from her travels, and at times, entirely from imagination. She paints expressive realism with a fine brush, and sometimes loosely with a palette knife.

Regardless, her work remains linked in its emotive and symbolic imagery, captured in rich color and texture.

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Jill Hunt

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