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ribbon  April 2016 CVA Featured Artist Award

Johnny Dickerson, light painter, has been swinging lights in front of a camera for the seven years now.

He uses long exposures or an open shutter to catch light trails in the night. He focuses on the manipulation of light in a 3D space to create works of art through the use of photography. Dickerson has been involved in a Guinness Book World Record for light painting, exhibited in many galleries and has also been featured on an episode of WRAL-TV’s “The Tarheel Traveler”.

Johnny is a graduate of the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, and has an Associate of Science from Wake Tech. He first got hooked on photography circa 2005 after hiking to North Carolina waterfalls and wanting to capture their beauty. He came across Light Painting in 2008 and began practicing with light swords from the State Fair.

The night is his canvas, the light is his paint.

Artist Statement

I enjoy the open artistry that comes with light painting. You can literally create anything you can think of within the frame. There is no manipulation in Photoshop and what you see is what I see on the back of the camera when the exposure is finished.

Creating exotic worlds through long exposure photography.

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Johnny Dickerson

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