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ribbonNovember 2017 CVA Featured Artist Award

Mixed media artist, Lisa Bailey

Art educator, Lisa Bailey, tells of her creative lifestyle:

I “make my living” doing a bunch of left brain activities: tech editing, book design and illustration, and teaching art. I have taught for over 35 years working with students ages three to 97 to help them develop their skills and enjoy creating works of art. However, more and more I see making “my” art as a major component of my work-life. I work in a variety of mediums, most often mixed media. I particularly like creating commissioned paintings and collages, that often include memorabilia in the final product.
I graduated from St. Andrews Presbyterian College with a BA in Fine Art (emphasis in visual art and political science) and I consider myself a life-long learner. I have been the editor of local papers, helped establish arts councils, and worked with a variety of state and regional publications, including Wildlife in North Carolina magazine. My business, Rapport—Communication By Design, specializes in contract technical writing, graphic design, and desktop publishing.
My husband, Larry, is an “almost” life-long Johnston County native. He is the Recreation Director in Clayton so we are very involved in town activities. We have three children, three grandchildren, and multiple granddogs. I love animals and enjoy both the wild ones that live in the woods and fields around our home and the dogs that want to sleep on the bed.

The Mystery at Oak Island, by Lisa Tillson Bailey

The Mystery at Eagle Harbor, by Lisa Tillson Bailey

Artist Statement

For me, the goal of art is to encourage people to look at the world around them…a little closer, a little more carefully, and maybe a little differently. Maybe the viewer learns something new, maybe the viewer hates the art, or is confused, enthralled, or angry. Maybe it just makes the viewer happy. But hopefully, viewers will at least take a moment, look twice at the world around them.
As an art teacher, I encourage my students to approach art as a process to be experienced; a journey full of challenges, pitfalls, and delightful surprises. I believe that art is not about trying to make a perfect copy of something. Rather, as an artist, you are a facilitator towards a different perspective. I am an avid proponent of recycling, repurposing, and reusing so working in collage is the perfect medium. I include many reclaimed objects in my work with the hope that viewers will take a second look at “trash”.

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Lisa Tillson Bailey

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