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ribbonAugust 2017 CVA Featured Artist Award

Medrith Nuttle

Medrith Nuttle is a well-known contemporary American Impressionist painter, working exclusively in acrylics on canvas, either with a brush on stretched canvas or with a knife on canvas panels.

Nuttle paints both en plein air (French for “outdoors”) and in her home studio, choosing a wide range of subject matter.

Medrith grew up in Ohio where she received her art education, first at the Columbus College of Art and Design and then at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She has worked as a professional artist for all her adult life.

Medrith has had paintings accepted into local, regional, national, and, recently, an international art exhibition. Her work has won many awards, ranging from Honorable Mention through Best of Show, and is featured in numerous private and corporate art collections.

Although she has been painting for many years, Medrith continues to learn and grow, and to keep her work fresh and new.

Artist Statement

My true artist’s statement is executed in acrylic paint on canvas. I am a painter, and I say what I need to say in my paintings.

I am a contemporary American Impressionist, because the visual language and aims of the original Impressionists speak to me in a way that no other style can match. I do not imitate the style of any one of them, but I approach my paintings in the same spirit of spontaneity. And, of course, my subject matter is different, because I am living here and now rather than there and then. My aim is to paint what I see and how I feel about it, so that when you look at my paintings, you can join me in that place and time, and I hope that you will enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoy painting it.

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Medrith Nuttle

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