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ribbonFebruary 2017 CVA Featured Artist Award

Michelle grew up on the Outer Banks sandbar of North Carolina’s coast, surrounded by sun-tanned locals and more gift shops than one could count. Graduating with the class of 2016, she then moved out of town in the fall, currently residing with her best friend in Clayton, NC.

Michelle has taken a large interest in the diverse human form, primarily painting surrealistic portraits. Her skills in digital art are mainly self-taught, though she has received lessons in working with different traditional mediums from Jennifer Saunders and Jennifer Hamrock.

Hall’s recent awards in visual arts include: *2nd place in Dare County High School District Art Show *1st place in 2016 Annual Arts Festival, GFWC. Her work has also recently been featured in HUSH magazine, a new independent webzine featuring emerging artists from around the world.

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I’ve always had an innate appreciation for the diversity of human appearances and styles. However, It wasn’t until I started becoming familiar with more animated films and productions that I explored the various methods used to showcase the expressive nature of people as we know them. From exaggerating certain features of a stranger to simply changing the lighting or color surrounding them, there are so many ways you can properly display that person’s feelings or personality. In my portraits, I hope to show the beauty in those unique characters.

There are so many ways you can properly display that person’s feelings or personality.

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