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A mostly retired photographer, calligrapher, and instructor, Tim is an expert with photographic, calligraphic equipment, and imaging media. He has created single page documents, advertising pages and overseen magazine and book printing on giant web presses.

Understanding the hardware, Tim makes the art of calligraphy, gilding, and custom embossing a joy. He can launch you into successful applications of those arts. Tim has juried art and photo competitions. He is passionate about art, design, and life. Preaching since the age of 15, Tim was ordained in 1970 and has served as minister, counselor, camp director, recreation expert, evangelist, teacher, and lecturer. Growing into a greater and more universal faith, Tim learns from and helps those with needs and open hearts.Tim was the officiant in a filming of “A Wedding Story” on The Learning Channel and was a part of the motion picture, BOLDEN! He has been filmed and interviewed by local news media (print and TV) and was videotaped by a group of nuns (sent by Sister Angelica) for a documentary they were creating about humanitarian work in Tanzania.Talk – write – take pictures and have fun!

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The artist lives to see and help others see. We are also here to listen and appreciate the art created by others by others – from different generations and all parts of the world.

My entry into the world of art was a direct result of the fact that I cannot sing. Music class was required and I took my usual place in the class lineup. I was moved from place to place until the only space left was the door into the hallway. The only open door was to something called geometry. I was given a book, a pencil, ruler and compass and the instructions, “Be quiet”. Quiet I was but the drawings made sense.

Shapes were defined, sizes had numbers and the root of all was the triangle.

“When I make or see the work of others I am so very grateful that I cannot sing. But then there is the “dance of the pen”

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