Tim JohnsonBoard Member

    Tim Johnson has designed, printed and published thousands of photographs, calligraphic works to put sentimental and professional expressions into homes and offices and hands of clients.
    Classical languages, images and contemporary applications have driven him to a mastery of the camera, the quill and brush.
    Tim has been trained by world-class lettering design artists, masters of sumi-e, worked as an advisor to Hunt Speedball creating painting and drawing instruments and studying the chemistry and fluid dynamics of inks and watercolors.
    Tim makes the most of the Corel and Adobe tools to change and enhance images and has taught calligraphy and photography privately and at Wake Tech for 34 years.
    Tim served 12 years as a member then chair of the Town Of Cary Cultural Arts Commission, helping create Spring Days and supporting the town’s art staff and the acquisition and use of new art facilities.